Saturday, July 21, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

I am. I never was before. It's work! It's nice but its a lot to live up to sometimes.
My spoiled today story begins with a new wireless network for the house. We did have two Internet providers -one for the office-where we do real work and one for my 'studio' - just in case I had an immediate need to check my email - hey you never want to miss out on any good group/forum/blog gossip because you might not be able to catch up! Anyway we decided to get rid of one and just boost the other signal.
Equipment bought and installed. Laptops hooked up no problem.
Little pods things with a long cable called usb wireless adaptors for the desktops - easy - just plug it in and it will pickup the signal - where IS the signal? We could not find it.
Signals should be transmitted in color. We both had our little pods moving them all around trying to get the green light to come on.... I won, I set it on top of my head. Green Light. You are connected.
That was last night-I was connected. I looked ridiculous but I was surfin' the net. Today my husband spent at least 3 hours on the phone, another trip to The Store (alone) and another 8 hours messing around with all the wireless network routers just so I didn't have to sit with a pod on my head. Ain't he great!

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